Benefits And Drawbacks Of Different Types Of Fence

A Local Commercial Fencing Contractor Explains

There are several aspects which need to be considered when choosing the type of picket to buy. These include whether the one you plan to get will fulfill your needs. A good way to determine which type will be suitable is to research the benefits and drawbacks of different types of fence. Listed below are some of the popular ones provided by a local commercial fencing contractor in New Britain, Ct.


An aluminum fence is among the basic yet attractive types. It requires little to no maintenance and can be made to resemble different types of pickets. Yet, it does not provide ample security and cannot withstand severe weather. This kind is suitable if your area does not experience storms or other forms of heavy weather.


Wood is also among the popular basic yet appealing types. It provides a sense of comfort and warmth like the effect hardwood floors achieve. It can be a great way to add appeal and privacy to your property. Yet, it requires serious maintenance to prevent the infestation of insects or rot.


Vinyl is among the popular albeit expensive types. It is quite flexible and strong which allows it to resist to severe weather with relative success. It is also maintenance-free and easy to clean using a hose and soap. This makes it a preferred type despite its relatively high upfront cost for installation.

There are several benefits and drawbacks to different types of fences. For instance, aluminum is attractive yet is unsuitable for severe weather. Wood provides warmth and privacy yet has high upkeep. And vinyl is expensive yet maintenance-free and strong. If you would like to learn more about the different picket types, contact a local commercial fencing contractor such as Starline Fence & Guard Rail LLC.